The Leo Europa Forum 2020 will take place in Rome, Italy.

But what is exactly the Leo Europa Forum (LEF)?

The LEF is the annual meeting of European Leos and it is actually divided in two events: the Leo Europa Pre-Forum (LEFP) which takes places during a weekend in January and the actual Leo Europa Forum, which takes place during a week in August, from Saturday to Saturday.

This year, given the COVID-19 emergency, we had to postpone and shorten our event, which will now take place in September for 4 days.

The Forums are also regularly joined by Leos from other areas of the world, such as the Mediterranean region.

These events allow the International Liaison Officers (ILO), the Delegation Leaders (DL) and all the Leo members of European Countries to meet, get to know each other, evaluate the hotels and amenities that will be provided for the LEF (only during the LEPF), to plan their work in the following months (for ILOs and DLs) and to exchange ideas and solutions.

The Leo Europa Forum is also the perfect occasion for European Leos to discover new service projects and to serve together, creating new friendships that will last a lifetime.


How did it all start?

The Leo Europa Forum first started as a set of get togethers of European Leos in the early 1970s. The first officially recognized Leo Europa Forum took place in Vienna in 1976, after Leos visited the Lions Europa Forum in Berlin in 1974. It has been organized every summer since in a different European country. English is the official language of the Forum.

In Italy, LEF has taken place five times since then. The first time was in 1979, in Taormina, followed by Venice in 1983, Taormina again in 1994, Catania in 2003 and Bussolengo in 2009. 

Participating to a LEF is definitely taking advantage of the Opportunities that this Leo Experience offers us. Never been to a Leo Europa Forum? Need more information?
Feel free to contact us via our Social Medias or email!

We’ll be waiting for you in Rome for LEF2020!