LEF2020 will be in ITALY!

It’s done, it has been voted.

Leo MD 108 ITALY is the official host of LEF2020.

What a journey it has already been! It all started in 2014 when three Italian Leos experienced LEF for the first time and found themselves one night wondering: when can we bring it back to Italy?

After careful consideration, of the candidates already booked and of the International Lions Club Convention planned in 2019 in Milan, 2020 was the answer.

It took time to build the interest and the excitement, to create a plan on how to sustain such an event in our country and to understand who would be behind this crazy project.

The first wave of emotion came in the Spring of 2017, when during the National Convention, the delegates assembly decided to vote in favor of submitting the application at LEPF2018 to host the LEF2020. From then, it’s been a blur!

And here we are, in Visegrad, as the official country hosting the Leo Europa Forum 2020, ready to start the second part of this beautiful journey!

Where will LEF2020 take place? What will it be like?

We don’t know yet, but what we know is that we are more than ready to fly.


And you?

Ready to fly with us?

We sure hope so.

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